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Guide to Hiring a Real Estate Lawyer in Fort Lauderdale

Guide to Hiring a Real Estate Lawyer in Fort Lauderdale

Get smart. You will need to hire an experienced real estate attorney if you want to adequately protect your interest in a real estate transaction. 


It does not matter if it is for buying and selling or leasing for residential or commercial purposes. Real estate transactions typically involve significant value and can be risky to conclude without exercising due diligence. Counting on the services of a real estate agent alone may not cut it.

Several legal issues that are unforeseen could go wrong. To protect your interest, you should hire a real estate attorney. In some states, Florida inclusive, you need an attorney to close a real estate transfer.

Whether you need a real estate attorney in Fort Lauderdale by choice or necessity, you should know what to look for in hiring the right attorney for your transaction. This guide contains quick information on the basic things you need to know.

What does a real estate attorney do?

Why exactly do you need a real estate attorney in Fort Lauderdale? Real estate lawyers are specialists in legal matters relating to buying, selling, and leasing of properties. They are also experts in resolving disputes arising out of real estate transactions.

That is not just it. Whether in residential or commercial deals, real estate attorneys can be of help in innumerable ways. They help with drafting and understanding contracts and legal documents including:

Real estate lawyers will also assist at several stages of the real estate transaction by providing several services including the following:

  • Resolve construction and development issues,
  • Conduct negotiations, reviews, and due diligence,
  • Resolve all legal disputes and requirements during the transaction,
  • Deal with the legal aspects of the transaction. This may cover mortgage issues, disclosure fraud, zoning violations, property taxes, etc.

Things to do when hiring a real estate lawyer

hiring a real estate lawyer

It is too risky to go ahead with a real estate deal without having the backing of an experienced real estate lawyer. There is no room for error in these transactions. In hiring a real estate lawyer, there are a couple of things you should do.

The first is to hire an experienced lawyer in real estate. In Fort Lauderdale,Attorney Mark T. Stern can provide the experienced legal assistance you require. The world of real estate transactions can be complex with several complicated legal rules. An experienced real estate attorney can be the difference between a great transaction with difficult legal issues that are only discovered after completion.

The second is to schedule a consultation before deciding on your attorney. This will give you a feel of the services you will be getting. In a consultation, you get to make inquiries on various issues, including the years of experience or expertise the law firm brings to the table, how the fee structure work, and any other thing you would like to know.

Hire an experienced real estate lawyer in Fort Lauderdale

You can hire a skilled and experienced real estate lawyer in Fort Lauderdale and save yourself the complications of an imperfect transaction.

Attorney Mark T. Stern has successfully represented the residents of Fort Lauderdale and beyond in their real estate deals. If you need the expertise of a real estate attorney, consult the law office of Mark T. Stern here or put a call through at 203-371-2900








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