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Experienced Real Estate Attorney with Nearly Two Decades of Experience

At the Law Offices of Mark T. Stern, we boast more than 18 years of experience representing a variety of commercial and residential clients facing foreclosure, loan modification, short sale, title issues and other real property legal issues and disputes.  Our robust understanding of Florida real estate law helps us guide you through the complex web of laws that may impact your claim.  We provide personalized attention to every case and work zealously to meet your unique needs.

Mark Stern is an experienced Fort Lauderdale real estate attorney who can confidently represent individuals and businesses with various types of real estate transactions.  He can help explain laws and regulations that tie to your case and your legal options for addressing them.  With his assistance, you can avoid making costly mistakes and ensure a smooth real estate transaction.

Commercial Property Transactions

At the Law Offices of Mark T. Stern, we help local businesses acquire, finance, develop, sell and operate commercial property.  We can assist all types of commercial property transactions, including facilitating the purchase and sale of:

  • Offices
  • Warehouses
  • Factories
  • Multi-family complexes
  • Shopping centers
  • Apartment building transactions
  • Mixed-use projects

Mark Stern has the experience and knowledge necessary to properly advice clients in all aspects of commercial real estate transactions.  He provides due diligence services that allow you to make informed decisions.

Residential Property Transactions

When you are purchasing or selling a property in Florida, this is often an exciting time.  However, it is also a critical time that you understand the legal issues that may impact you.  We assist property owners with all aspects of the purchase or sale of residential property transactions, including:

  • Prepare the purchase and sale agreement
  • Prepare other contracts
  • Conduct title searches
  • Resolve title or inspection issues
  • Review legal documents
  • Review and explain legal documents
  • Provide legal advice regarding closing documents
  • Draft conveyance documents
  • Draft seller’s documents
  • Review and explain homeowners’ association documents

Lending and Mortgage Transactions

Our knowledgeable team can also assist you with lending and mortgage transactions for the purpose of purchasing residential or commercial real property.  Various laws and regulations govern the mortgage lending process.  It is important to work with a lawyer who is knowledgeable about these laws and how to protect mortgage borrowers.  We will carefully review all mortgage documents and explain them to you so that you will have a strong understanding of how they impact you.

Closing and Title Insurance Services

Our legal team will take all steps to ensure that your rights are protected when purchasing a property.  We will conduct a detailed title search to assess the quality of title and identify any deed restrictions or liens that affect your ownership or how you can use the property before you commit to the purchase.

We will also help you obtain title insurance, which ensures that you have full ownership of the property you purchase and protects you against title defects that exist when someone else has a property interest in your home.

We will also assist you with the closing process so that you understand each and every document that you sign.  Knowing that you have a knowledgeable and experienced Florida real estate attorney on your side will give you the peace of mind of knowing that your rights are protected at all times.


If you have received notice that your property is being foreclosed, it is critical that you immediately seek legal assistance.  A knowledgeable real estate attorney like Mark Stern can identify any problems with the lending or foreclosure process and explain your legal options to you.  He can provide realistic advice and solutions that are targeted to your particular situation.  Alternatives to foreclosure may be available, such as load modifications, a short sale, or a deed in lieu of foreclosure.  Mark Stern can discuss each option with you and their risks and benefits.

Short Sales

Completing a short sale can sometimes help property owners avoid foreclosure.  In a short sale, a property is sold for less than what is owed to the mortgage provider with the lender’s permission.  Having an effective short sale often requires lengthy negotiations led by a skilled short sale attorney.  Mark Stern can talk to your mortgage provider and persuade them of the efficacy of accepting a short sale.  Additionally, he will work to ensure that the sale minimizes the costs you will owe and mitigate any legal recourse against you.

Mortgage Loan Modifications and Workouts

If you want to keep your home but have run into problems paying the mortgage, a loan modification may be the answer.  Loan modifications and workouts may provide benefits such as:

  • Reduced interest rate
  • Extended loan term
  • Reduction of the principle
  • Deferment of principle payments
  • Lower monthly payment
  • Waive of late fees
  • Ability to keep ownership of home
  • Prevention of foreclosure and related expenses

A successful loan modification requires careful negotiation, which is why it is essential to hire an experienced and knowledgeable Fort Lauderdale real estate attorney.

Robert Guerrerio


I have worked with attorney mark on numerous commercial deals and recently on a Sunny Isles condo closing. Mark is very thorough. Very responsive and always very respectful and I will be working with him on all future deals. Highly recommended

Diane Dilks

Diane Dilks
Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Mark Stern very intelligent ,energetic ,so much knowledge of all aspects of real estate law,our closing became somewhat complicated and looked as it wasn’t going to happen,he worked so hard for us while keeping us well informed of the process enabling us to purchase our dream home.

Mark Stern.Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Charlie and Diane

Neal Wiseman

Neal Wiseman

Mark has processed give, or take, about a dozen real estate transactions for me recently. Mark\’s firm gives personal service beyond that of a high volume title processing company. On top of that, I have gotten to know him personally as an amazing father, husband, and community contributor. I highly recommend using him.

Andrew D

Andrew D

Combines technical expertise with practical knowledge and a sincere interest in his clients.

Terry Bruner


Available, easy to talk with, follows through. Handles several area’s of my law needs. Moved to west coast but still use him! very fair with price too. Thank You Mark for all your wisdom. Terry & Robin B.

Joseph Quagliano


Mark went above and beyond in helping me resolve a very serious situation. Without his diligent effort and knowledge of the law, the outcome would have been much different. He also provides a professional and experienced real estate service at a very reasonable price. I would not consider using any other attorney in the state of Florida.

Spencer Olchin


Mark is attentive and caring about and to his clients He goes above and beyond to make sure all of his clients needs are met

Elijah Teixeira


Fantastic service! Always gave me attention when I needed him and quickly solved problems. Highly recommend

Robert Marovic


I can’t say enough about Mark!!!! When I tell you he handled everything!!!!! The easiest closing I ever had. Thank you again Mark Looking forward to the next one

Marie Force


Great service for our closing by Mark!

Tax Certificates and Tax Deeds

A way to invest in real property in an affordable manner is to purchase properties through tax certificates and tax deeds.  Tax deed sales occur when there is a public option where a property is sold in exchange for the payment of unpaid real estate taxes.  Tax certificates become a first lien on a property and an owner must pay them off before to avoid a tax deed sale.  Our seasoned real estate lawyer can review your rights if your property is affected by a tax certificate or tax deed.

Quiet Title

When property ownership is not clear, you may wish to pursue a quiet title action to get a legal declaration that establishes your legal right to the property.  An experienced real estate attorney can guide you through this process and ensure your property interests are protected.


At the Law Offices of Mark T. Stern, we represent both landlords and tenants with legal matters stemming from real property issues, such as:

  • Negotiation of commercial and residential leases
  • Drafting and reviewing of leases
  • Breaches of commercial and residential breaches
  • Illegal use of premises
  • Nonpayment of rent
  • Eviction
  • Repair obligations
  • Security deposit disputes
  • Subleases

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